Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

So my mom has been not so subtlety hinting that I needed to add Halloween pictures of the kids, so this is for you mom. And you do deserve it for 1-your my mom! and 2-you made the costumes! Like always the kids were well dressed on Halloween because of my mom. Thanks Mom! You really are the best and we love you!

Quincy was a vampire. It seems to be a very popular one this year...(I wonder why?:) The day before he dressed up real nice for school and gelled his hair up and wore his white long sleeved thermal shirt, jeans, and dress shoes with his jacket inside out so it was all black. I asked if they could dress up for school and he told me that he was secretly dressing up as guess who...Edward!! So awesome (I should of took a picture, he looked good!) After school I asked if anyone knew he secretly dressed up. He said that 4 or 5 girls asked if he was Edward! I love it!!

Britton was a sorcerer this year. Not a wizard, as I was told many times! He had his awesome wand that he and Kelly had made to compliment the outfit.

And here is our snow princess, sparkles and all!! She was not so happy that I told her that she had to wear something with her dress so she wouldn't freeze! We compromised and found a couple of my shirts to wear underneath. I truly know how she felt though, I have a distinct memory of when I was about 4 or 5 of having to wear a coat under my princess costume and being quite upset that I was a FAT princess!

And introducing our very own magician ready to do magic for all of our entertainment! He already has decided what he wants to be for the next 2 or 3 Halloweens!

And here we are...for our ward Halloween party I had a very non-involved idea for a costume for Kelly and I. Hee hee! I always told him he is my Edward!

All in all it was a fun year for Halloween. We have gotten to actually enjoy the changing of the leaves, the crisp autumn smell in the air and even cold (much to Ashley's dismay! she prefers Halloween in Hawaii)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have recently discovered the Junie B Jones series, thanks to Ashley, and all I can think is why haven't I read these before! They are HILARIOUS!! I find myself having to pause and get control of my laughter as I read and frequently shake my head while saying, "Oh Junie!". Since reading them to Ashley at night "Junie-isms" have become a part of my vocabulary.

*Just then, I got up from my chair. And I skipped to my boyfriend named Ricardo. I tickled him under the chin with my softy hands of fur. "This is what fur hands look like when they're tickling you under your chin," I said. Then I grinned and grinned. 'Cause that boy brings out the best in me. That's why.

*When I first opened them, I got filled with glee. Glee is when you run. And jump. And skip. And laugh. And clap. And dance on top of the dining room table. Then your mother takes you down from the table. And she carries you to your room for a time-out. Time-outs kill the glee.

*I am a bachelorette. A bachelorette is when your boyfriend named Ricardo dumps you at recess. Only I wasn't actually expecting that terrible trouble. It happened today on the playground. First I was playing horses with my friends Lucille and Grace. Then, all of a sudden, my boyfriend named Ricardo runned right past me. And he was chasing a new girl named Thelma! "RICARDO!" I hollered real loud. "HEY! RICARDO! 'ZACTLY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, MISTER?" Then I zoomed right after that guy. And I tackled him on the grass. And we wrestled. And tangled. And rolled all around. Finally, I sat on his legs. And I smoothed my hair very attractive. "Hello, Ricardo," I said. "How are you today? I am fine. Only I just saw you chasing new Thelma. And so please knock it off. And I mean it." Ricardo raised his eyebrows very surprised. "Why? How come?" he said. I sucked in my cheeks at that guy. "Because, Ricardo. Because I am your girlfriend. And you are my boyfriend. And boyfriends and girlfriends are only allowed to chase each other. That's how come." Ricardo kept on looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders. "Sorry. Those are just the rules," I explained. Ricardo's face turned very glum. "But I like chasing new Thelma," He said kind of whiny. "It's fun." I patted his arm very understanding. "Yes, well, I don't make the rules, Rick. I just enforce them," I said. After that, I got off his legs. And I sat in the grass next to him. Ricardo didn't talk for a long time. Then finally, he stood up. And he shook my hand real nice. "Junie B., it's been fun being your boyfriend," he said. "But I think it's time we started chasing other people."

Those are just a few of my fave's. There are many more at a library near you! Highlighted parts are where I laugh hysterically. And if there are any other "glee-killers" out there reading this I wish you the very best day with that boy who brings out the best in you! And remember to let him know that you don't make the rules you just enforce them!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My 5th Child

I know what your thinking..."What another kid?!" Not to worry, I'm not having a baby and I am not referring to Kelly either. I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family...Winky! Mason keeps informing me that I have 5 kids. I suppose that is really how it has to be because I always swore that I would never have anything in my house that pooped besides my children and husband.

Winky is Ashley's pet. And in case you couldn't tell by the picture, Winky is a gerbil. Ashley has him because she has an adoring father that loves her so very much and he pled her case to me and although I also love her so very much, I am pretty stubborn about extra poop producing things in my house, but I gotta admit I love that big guy (I am referring to Kelly now) and I gave in and now I have a little furry black son that resides in a cage in Ashley's room. Don't tell anyone, he is beginning to grow on me. I secretly go in to watch him while the kids are at school and I admit I find myself talking to him too.

So, welcome little Winky to the Laing household. We "all" love you.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ode to Nebraska

Once again it has been a very sad amount of time since I have posted anything, but here I am (Yay!) A lot has happended since my last a summer and we are in a different state. You are probably thinking that is nothing new with us but I'd thought I would do a brief overview of the happy points of our new state of residence...Nebraska!

Here we have our home, which I love to live in for many different reasons but one being that we live on Kelly Dr. Yes, Kelly was so important they named a whole street after him. I mean really, we all knew it would happen sooner or later and now we can move on to having a large monument named after him, then here comes the holiday, although we don't expect it to be a federal holiday at first, maybe after a few years...
Downtown Omaha is a great place full of things to do and big building, it just has one of those good city feelings. We went to a great place called Old Market that has little shops and lots of charm. It made me think a little of down town Charleston.
And we cannot forget one of our most favorite place that we had never found in all our travels until we got here to Nebraska...Famous Dave's!!! Can I just say Mmmmmmm! So good! Lest you might judge us I will refrain from mentioning here how many times we have been in our 2+ months here. (Hee, Hee) Briskit, BBQ-ed pork, ribs, best fries ever, corn muffins, and last but definetely not least--Bread pudding. Sigh...
The kids started school and love it. Britton and Ashley are at Two Springs elementary and ride the bus together every morning. Britton is the best big brother and takes good care of his little sister.
Quincy is a 7th grader!!! Gasp!!! He goes to Lewis and Clark Middle School. He rides his bike to school and up one BIG hill. I rode it with him one morning and phew..owie legs!!! Must brag...he was put into Algebra and was chosen to take the ACT, SAT early. That's his Daddy's boy!!
Oh's a beach!! Nope, it's a lake, much to Ashley's dismay since she does still question why there are no beaches in Nebraska. We did try to fool her with this one but it wasn't up to her specs.
We had a great visit with my family. Mom and Dad came with Lindsey and Rylee and Katie, Jonathon and kids were here for Jonathon's sister's wedding. All grandkids together...we had to get a picture.
This is the Winter Quarters Temple that we live only 20 minutes away from. So beautiful and so wonderful to have a live-in babysitter (Quincy) and time to go!
Air shows to watch right from our back porch! It was so awesome, we watched it all three day plus a practice day. The Blue Angels were performing this year. Go Navy!!! Here is a picture of them.
And a wonderful backyard right on the golf course to enjoy. So much family time and Kelly loves his job. I will never get to know what he does (if he tells me he'll have to kill me), but I am informed it's way cool!
This is only a little portion of the great time we are having. We feel so blessed to be here and have so much time together. As I type the wind is howling outside and I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, pant and socks and my fingers are freezing. I think our Nebraska winter is beginning and I pray I will survive!! Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nashville Country Music Marathon 2009

So Kelly said to me around the end of February that he was going to run a marathon with a group from his class in Nashville the end of April. I said that was awesome and that I knew he would do great, not knowing that in less than a week I would be deciding that I was going to run in the same race...let's first just let everyone know that I was going to run the 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) not the full (26.2 miles for those of you who are like me and don't want to do the math!).  So there it began.  Every Saturday we would meet our running group between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning and do our training runs.  My first training run was a 7 miler. I was very skeptical that I could even do it (at this point it was around 5 weeks after my surgery), but to my happy surprise it turned out awesome!  I have to give much credit to the best running partners a girls could have...Charissa and Heather!  They are the best!  We chatted, ran and before I knew it I had ran 7 miles! Yay!

So here we are on April 25, 2009 at about 6:30 in the morning, post race.

And here is my very handsome, very sweet, very fast husband before the race.  He is just about ready to leave us slow girls to get in his corral number 1 (very cool, by the way because that means he is fast and gets to start first so us slow people are not in the way!)

And this is my view as the girls and I are in corral #23! The race began at 7:00 when corral #1 people (i.e. Kelly!) were able to start. We in corral #23 started around 7:45. It was fun waiting though, the excitement of being in the crowd of people was very entertaining.


And I even found fun things to do while waiting like taking pictures of the crowd of feet! Cool, right?!

Here I am running at the beginning, still with a smile on my face!  All in all the race was pretty awesome!  I have to admit I really stopped smiling around mile 9+.  After that each mile was longer than the next. But...

Here it is... THE FINISH LINE!!!! Yay!!!! Happy day!!!! I did it and it was soooo amazing!!! Here I come bananas, water, muffins, cookies.....

Here I am covered in dried salty sweat(gross, I know, but very satisfying!), and very happy and yes, very sore!  Stairs and getting down on toilet seats (sorry if that is to much info!) were a problem for a few days!

Here is that fast, handsome, awesome, and extremely salty husband of mine!  He finished the full marathon in 3 hours 28 minutes, a super achievement and it was his first!  I know, know, I am perhaps the luckiest woman ever to be married to this man...he has all these qualities that are so amazing, but the best ones know one even knows about...oh, but I digress...:)

NICE, right?!

Here is the gang... Tom and Charissa Coate, US, and Heather Baldwin.  They are the best!

And here is one of us girls...we all hung in there together, porta-potties, water breaks, the hot sun beating down on us, the hills, and all...every single 13 miles and even that last .1, we did it together!  Thanks Charissa and Heather!!!!!

Oh, I guess I should mention my time...I actually didn't care so much about it, I was just so happy to have finished, but it was 2 hours, 38 minutes.  And I can say that I would do it again! Actually we are, Kelly and I are heading to Ohio in September to do the Air Force Marathon! (Me the half, I really do not aspire to do the full! I have my limits!) 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dream Do Come True!

Every since we have moved to Alabama Mason has been asking us when it will snow.  I think he was thinking that it snow everywhere else except for Hawaii so of course it should be snowing now that we are not in Hawaii anymore.  Well, we have explained numerous times to him that it doesn't snow in Alabama, but to give him hope we tell him that it will snow in Nebraska (unfortunetely for me!)  It has been a long process of many discussions for him to understand that it will not be snowing here in the south.  Well.... we are liars.  One Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago I wake up to Ashley running into our bedroom shouting that it is snowing.  I think to myself, "OK, it's probably a few flurries melting in the air."....Nope, it's big flakes that are sticking.  Now, a note to all of you who are from the places where snow is a long 5-6 month reality, I realize this might not look like much to you, but to my tropical, snow deprived children this was a blizzard!  So here are a few pictures from EARLY Sunday morning....

Here they are staring in wonder....

Testing it out and here is my favorite quote from Mason after he heads out to play in his jacket and flip flops.   He is playing and then walks through the grass, he stops, gets a pained look on his face and runs to the door.  "Mom! Flip flops don't work in the snow!!"  (I know, I know!  The poor boy has lived in Hawaii most of his life, what do you expect!)

Here we are putting on more suitable foot wear!

Here is Britton testing out the trampoline.  And yes, he is bare foot.  I am such a responsible mom!  Don't worry, I'll try and have them wear appropriate snow attire for the winters in Nebraska!

My second favorite quote is from Ashley..."Mom, this is the most fun day in Alabama, ever!"

Here is Mason rejoicing over his good fortune!

And last we have Britton and his snow ball which he wanted to save by the way!

I think that the heaven's were smiling down on my kids that day and they were also good to me because after about 2-3 hours you would have never known it had snowed! Yay! That is my kind of snow!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where have I been?

So, it has been a while since my last post.  I like to think that I've had a good reason, but truly I have just been lazy and putting it off.  Sorry mom!  As most of you probably know on January 22 Quincy received a brand new to him but slightly used kidney from me.  It has been a pretty amazing road but he and I are both recovering well and we feel very blessed for all the wonderful friends and family who have been there for us! Thank-you all!!!! Last week they interviewed us and wrote an article that was printed in the Montgomery Advertiser.  I posted the link below.